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My Zoom Call With Francis Ford Coppola| Blog Post

Updated: May 31, 2022

On 8/27/2020, I was fortunate enough to join a private Zoom call with Francis Ford Coppola. I was not the only one in the call as there were roughly 50 people as well. The point of the call was basically a Q and A session with Francis on anything involving filmmaking or his wine. Alongside the call with Francis, I also received a digital code to redeem The Conversation on any device and a signed script of The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola.

The topic of the call was mostly about The Conversation. Many people asked questions related to aspects of the film, i.e. production history, clothing, and sound design. One person asked why Harry wears the raincoat throughout the film. Francis responded with an explanation that the theme of the film was about privacy and he wanted the raincoat to be transparent to help play in contrast with the theme. I was given an opportunity to ask him a question as well. Given how many critically acclaimed films Francis has made throughout the years, my question was which film was he most proud of? He responded saying that "your films are like your kids" and "that it's hard to pick a favorite." He also said that if he had to pick, it would be either The Conversation or The Rain People. I enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience and learned a lot from it about being a filmmaker as well as other life lessons. Francis was very nice to everyone and took the time to give a thoughtful answer to every question asked.

Here are some pictures of the call:

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