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Barry Lyndon| Review

Updated: May 31, 2022

If you feel dismayed by this film because of its very “boring look“ and “long” runtime, then try to just ignore it because those two factors don’t represent this film in any way. By far one of the most entertaining films that I’ve seen in a long time. That runtime goes by like its two minutes. 

Close to everyone that knows about movies has heard about Barry Lyndon’s amazing cinematography; And that factor rightfully resembles the very high quality of the power of a skilled cinematographer. Every single frame in Barry Lyndon looks completely identical to some painting straight out of the 18th century. The beautiful landscape in companied with the meticulous and detailed set design combine to form maybe the best cinematography ever seen on the silver screen. Kubrick defiantly has a knack for beautiful and meticulous images showcased in all of his films, which is kind of a given since he was the photographer for LOOK magazine. But, bottom line this film has probably the greatest cinematography I’ve ever seen.(besides 2001)

I haven’t really seen a film that has such a great character study before like this one. Although the film feels very distant to Barry, we still manage to feel a connection to him. Most of Kubrick’s films feel very distant. Most of his films don’t really end with powerful characters, but more moments. Barry Lyndon seems different though. It’s a mixture of both an extremely close film but also a very distant film. The film of course follows Barry’s life and the many miss encounters he experiences like joining the military and having a very petulant step-son.  Overall I highly recommend Barry Lyndon regardless of the surface-level appearance.

Time Stamp: February 1, 2020

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